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Learn how to successfully run your own personal styling business from fashion stylist veteran Cindy Newstead

Dear fashion enthusiast,

Imagine you are shopping for clothes. While browsing in your favourite store, you see two people come in: first, a well-dressed woman in her forties. Her stride is confident, her posture professional.

In tow, another woman: about the same age, but not even close to emitting the same kind of confidence. She looks like she’s just thrown on some clothes she had lying around this morning. In contrast to her proud companion, this woman seems downcast and insecure.

The confident woman takes the insecure woman around the shop and picks out some clothes. You notice she’s careful in what she picks out in terms of shapes, colors and fabrics. She sends the insecure woman into a fitting stall, who emerges minutes later in a completely new outfit.

The insecure woman, whom you are by now sure of is the confident woman’s client, gets to try on a few more outfits. By the time the pair leaves the shop again, both women are beaming enthusiasm and confidence! 

Do you recognize this? Then you’ll have considered how great it could be to work as a personal stylist! You get to completely overhaul peoples’ wardrobes – and with that, their confidence in themselves and their outlook on life.

If it’s your dream to work as a personal stylist and do all that we’ve just described, then read on!

How do you become a personal stylist?

Well, you could just whip up a website, print some business cards and have a go at it. That’s what a lot of women are doing right now. Personal styling is hot and they don’t want to miss out on the craze. You can even start up a business without having to quit your daytime job: you work when you want to.

The problem with this approach is that there is far more to personal styling than just picking out some clothes. Clients come in all kinds of different shapes and sizes. You’ve got to take into account ages, personalities, tastes, lifestyles, budgets… and there’s body image issues and self confidence issues not everyone is cut out how to deal with.

We regularly get self-made personal stylists that are stuck asking for advice. Not to mention we get clients complaining about bad experiences they’ve had with unprofessional stylists. All of that finds its root in the casual way in which people declare themselves personal stylists.

If you want to be successful as a personal stylist, you should learn from the best

Being a personal stylist is a calling. Which is why we want to help people like you, who feel that they have this calling, to become personal stylist. That’s why we started the Professional Styling Academy. We teach women, who are passionate about fashion, how to successfully run a personal styling business.

However, you might not be in a position to attend one of our training sessions. The reason for that is most likely that we’re in Australia! Not to mention that there’s not a lot of professional styling training sessions given in the US, either.

Enter our home study course: a complete personal styling training session on DVD

What we’ve done is tape our lead stylist, Cindy Newstead, while hosting one of our training sessions. This is a complete, 3-day training session with live attendees. All of those attendees have paid $1997,- to be a part of it… and we’re going to make it available to you for far less.

Over the course of 10 DVDs, you will learn all you need to know to become a personal stylist. You will learn from an experienced professional all the skills required to turn depressed house mothers into full-blown hot moms!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn (get ready, ’cause it’s a LOT):

  • The two most effective ways to determine your clients body shape.
  • Learn the intricacies of body features and body proportions and how they affect the rules on horizontal and vertical body shapes (you won’t learn this in any book).
  • Cindy’s simple and easy to implement process for creating a look for a client that represents them as a person.
  • Learn not only professional industry secrets on dressing all body shapes and sizes, but ones that Cindy has evolved over years of dressing many varied body shapes.
  • Learn the simple rule that helps you to recognise the colours that suit your client.
  • Age appropriate dressing is not an exact science: Cindy will step you through this mind field to give you the tools to tackle this with any client.
  • Learn the tips to keep up to date with trends.
  • Understand fabric textures and how to choose the right fabric for your client.
  • Learn how accessories can be used for more than just finishing a look.
  • Cindy’s ‘how to’ on layering.
  • Cindy’s step by step process on how to carry out a Wardrobe Consultation.
  • Cindy’s step by step process on the most efficient way to shop with your client.
  • Cindy will help you understand the important relationship between image and self esteem. (you will be faced with this on a daily basis).
  • The client and stylist relationship, learn the simple tricks that will have your clients eating out of your hands.
  • Communicating with your client, get this wrong and your consultation will fail before you even start dressing your client.
  • How to start your business from scratch.
  • The importance of building relationships with retailers.

This is not something you’ll learn from a book or YouTube videos

Cindy is a fashion styling veteran. She has personally done over 6000 (six-THOUSAND) fashion consultations. She’s a published author and much-wanted speaker on fashion topics throughout Australia (including national television!).

By following her advice, you will know exactly how to tackle almost any client that comes your way. You’ll be able to judge which clothes, colors and styles best fit your clients. And you’ll be able to actually run your own business!

But there’s more…

You won’t just learn how to be a personal stylist: you’ll get certified.

How does it work? Once you sign up for the home course, you’ll get access to the members area of this website. Once you feel you’re up to it, you can take the Personal Stylist Course test. Pass the test: voilá, you’ve earned your certification!

The test is specifically designed to make sure you’ve watched the videos and know what you’re talking about. So yes, you’ll have to study for it. Don’t worry, though, as you’re not alone!

We’ll actively help you reach that certification: forum and live webinars

We could just send you the DVDs and let you figure it out on your own. But we won’t! Once you sign up with us, we’ll make sure you get the support you need to grasp everything there is about being a personal stylist.

First off, you’ll get exclusive access to the members forum. On this forum you’ll get to meet and discuss with fellow students ánd instructors. You can ask your questions and have them answered by the professionals, themselves.

Whenever you’re stuck with the course or have more questions, the forum is there for you.

Secondly, we’ll host regular MEMBERS ONLY webinars. During these live webinars, we’ll go deeper into specialist topics. There will also be room for live Q&A. And don’t worry about the difference in time: we’ll host the webinar at times convenient for US students!

Hi Cindy,

WOW! ‘The words ‘Thank you’ just do not cut it. The three days spend with you both, were hands down the most beneficial thing I have done for my career so far… The knowledge, wisdom and advice from you both was so inspiring and it was exactly what I needed to reassure myself that I am heading in the right direction.

Over the three day I really proved to myself that I have a love affair with fashion and making others feel good about themselves.

Cindy you were so genuine and honest, and I was blown away by your sincerity in the hope that each and every one of us in the course succeeds and takes a leap of faith to do so.

This course went above and beyond my expectations and its a real credit to you both, because as you both know my standards are set rather high in the sky… So, from the bottom of my heart I thank you both for creating such an incredible 3 day personal styling course.

Nikiya Wishewan

This is your chance to become a professional personal stylist

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